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X Trem Bots - CHARLIE - The Astronaut

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Up to 200 progammable actions
Demo function : Dance
Slides and walk in 4 directions

Specific Functions:

Control from the App: App connects to Charlie via Bluetooth
Smart control (Control with hands movements). Possibility of activation via the App or directly from Charlie
Gyroscopic Control (movement with the tilt of your mobile device).
The App Includes:
-Spacepedia (Space Encyclopedia)
-Includes a video of the solar system
-Includes Space Quiz;
300 questions about space.
Two game modes:
“Countdown”: Answer as many questions as possible in 2 minutes.
“To the limit”: Get as many correct answers as possible without failing.

3 types of Space sounds: Breath | Explore | Houston
3 Types of Space theme music
Control by the APP control screen, no remote control needed

Robot Height: 29 cm

Robot is powered by 3 AA 1.5V batteries. Not included

Suitable for ages 5 and above.