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Vtech Shaking Sound Zebra

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Best for ages:
3 to 24 months
Meet the easy-to-grip zebra, designed for the tiniest of hands! This companion aims to fill baby's day with exploration across touch, sight, and sound. Fashioned with bold black and white stripes, give it a shake or flip it around and watch the colorful beads whirl and twirl as they spiral down, creating rain-like sounds. The vivid ribbons, in colors orange, yellow and teal, dance in the breeze, inviting those tiny fingers to tug and touch. Don’t forget to grab those soft ears to hear the crinkly sounds, while the dangling legs are textured for those inevitable teething moments. The Rattling Rain Stick Zebra is a must-have for baby showers or a 'just because' treat for your little one. Intended for ages birth and up. Batteries not required.