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Virtual Reality Gift Box - Oceans

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  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT EXPERIENCE! Discover our vast oceans with over 96 pages of interactive content as we explore the beauty and complexity behind oceanic creatures in deep sea wildlife in stunning virtual reality!
  • INTERACTIVE & IMMERSIVE! Take a deep submarine dive, swim with great white sharks, jellyfish, whales, dolphins, penguins and more as we explore every major aquatic creature with over 30 immersive experiences in VR.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? This deluxe gift set includes a 96 page interactive book, with a set of collectible scratch art to create your very own vibrant ocean animal art, along with a pair of VR goggles!
  • VR GOGGLES INCLUDED! Includes a pair of hands-free goggles to create an immersive learning experience. Compatible with all smartphones with access to Google Play store and Apple iOS app store.
  • Recommended for Ages 8 years to 13 years.