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Tomy Disney Suya Suya Melody Pooh

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• Sleep Aid Award Winner in 2014!

• In-womb sound can put the baby to be a peaceful sleep.

• 3 levels of the volume control function.

• Bids songs and the sound of waves help the mother relax.

• Changeable between a normal and slow tempo.

• Auto Sleep mode in 15minutes.

Melody categories included soothing sounds, classical music, and Disney songs.

1) Womb Sounds.

2) Winnie The Pooh

3) Wiegenlied of Schubert

4) Symphony No.9

5) The Cradle Song ( Traditional Japanese Nursery Rhyme)

6) My Grandfather's Clock

7) Sound of Waves

8) Birds Singing

**2 AA size batteries needed.
Size : 30 x 18 x 16 cm