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Tomy Disney Mickey Kerotto Mini Piano

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• A mini piano to accompany your baby anytime, anywhere.

• The unique built-in “Kerotto Switch” melodies are co-developed with “Japan Acoustic Lab”. 

• Babies are naturally full of curiosity. The “Kerotto Switch” melodies include well- balanced composition of the musical • instruments, tempo, sound effects and other acoustic elements, allowing your baby to develop his/her curiosity and musicality. The keyboard encourages little finger development.

• When your baby is fussy, try the “Kerotto Switch” to change his/her mood and soothe him/her.


• Suitable for age 3 months +

• Comes with 5 melodies and 3 types of sounds

• Attachable on stroller bars, cribs, etc.

• 2 x AAA batteries required (not included)