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Tomy Disney Home Theatre (Disney Character)

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The one and only musical mobile for all cots, bedside cribs, playpens, etc. You don't have to worry if the mobile can be attached to the cots. Your baby can enjoy fabulous images of Disney world projected on the ceiling with LED lights in tandem which creates a magical moving scene.

** Sleep Aid Award Winner both in 2014 And 2015.

Total 31 melodies included.

☆On-board melody (Without Disk)
15 Melodies:
1) Sandmannchen  2) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  3) Nocturne  4) Liebestraum  5) Waltz of the Flowers
6) Love's Greeting  7) Flower Song  8) Plaisir d'Amour  9) La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin  10) Waltz of Coppelia
11) L'Arlésienne  12) Golden Slumbers  13) Traumerei  14) The Ave Maria  15) An der schönen, blauen Donau

★Disney characters Fantasy Dream Disk
1) When You Wish Upon A Star  2) A lullaby of Mozart  3) The Cradle song (traditional Japanese Nursery rhyme)
4) A lullaby of Schubert  5) A lullaby of Brahms  6) A lullaby of Cossack  7) A lullaby of the northeastern China
8) A lullaby of the Ireisland  9) A lullaby of Faure  10) A lullaby of Erabu  11) Rock A Bye Baby

★Pooh’s Honey Adventure Disk
5 melodies:
1) Winnie the Pooh  2) Itsy Bitsy Spider  3) The Music Man  4) Sounds of Nature in Forest

4 C Size batteries needed.