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Tollyjoy Day & Night Disposable Nursing Pads (60pcs/box)

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Tollyjoy's Disposable Nursing Pads now come with 3D side leakguards for
added protection from milk leakage for DAY & NIGHT. The contoured shape is
designed for a more comfortable and discreet fit, making it an effective and
reliable choice for nursing mothers.
Our nursing pads are made from layers of soft cotton and high absorbency
polymer gel that can lock in moisture, thus ensuring maximum dryness.
Another quality product, only from Tollyjoy.

Usage Instructions:
1. Open wrapper and peel release paper from self-adhesive strip.
2. Face the self-adhesive strip side against nursing brassiere for DAY or NIGHT use accordingly.
3. Stick the self-adhesive strip side against nursing brassiere.
4. Change your breast pads frequently.
5. Discard all used pads.

Please clean the breast (especially around the nipple and areola), before and after breastfeeding or expressing breast milk, with a clean damp towel.
Pack Size: 60 pads