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Tiny Love Treasure the Ocean™ 3-in-1 Take Along Mobile

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Charming take-along ocean mobile that will keep babies engaged and amused at home and on-the-go with inspiring characters and sweet melodies. With 3 easy connectors, this mobile can go everywhere with you, giving your little one a feeling of home away from home and encouraging development.

Tiny Love’s Unique Developmental System focuses on 6 ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Created with love and care by our child development experts, this system supports babies as they grow. Explore how various skills come into play at every stage of your baby’s exciting developmental journey by scrolling down to Our System and Age Tips sections.


  • 30 minutes of music & 5 continuous melodies
  • Two-part attachment arm for crib
  • Switch for rotation
  • 3 adorable plush creatures
  • Hook-and-loop fastener & large clip for on-the-go
  • Designed with black & white to offer newborns visual stimulation
  • Universal attachment set fits most play yards, travel cots & bassinets

Modes of Use:

Comes with 3 easy connectors suitable for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Mobile Arm - Use mobile arm to connect to cribs or play yards.
  • Quick-Connect Clip - Easily attach to strollers with the quick-connect clip.
  • Hook-and-Loop - Compact hook and loop connector for secure and easy take-along

Age Tips:

0+ months: Balanced Sensory Stimulation

Let your little one lie under the mobile, at home or on the go, and enjoy the slow rotating movement, the cute characters smiling down from above and 5 melodies, which come together to offer just the right level of audio and visual stimulation.

0-3 months: Supporting emotional development

Take the compact mobile with you on outings and vacations, giving your baby a sense of home in unfamiliar environments. The sense of familiarity soothes and reassures your little one, supporting emotional growth and development.

3+ months: Encouraging COMMUNICATION

The characters rotating on the mobile motivate your little one to coo and babble, encouraging communication. Supplement this by talking to your baby about the cute characters using simple sentences: “Look, here’s the cute crab”, “The jelly fish is so soft!”, etc.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: ‎9.84 x 12.6 x 8.66 inches / 24.99 x 32 x 21.99 cm
Product Weight: 4.4lbs / 1.99kg