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Silicone Tongue Brush & Toothbrush Set

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2 pc Baby Oral Cleaner (1pc silicone tongue brush, 1 pc silicone toothbrush) suitable for babies aged between 0-2 years old. 

Deep cleaning: Soft silicone bristles that effectively clean sprouting teeth and gums without damaging them.

Tongue cleaner: 9 layers of ultra soft silicone scraper that helps to clean milk coating on the tongue.

Efficient cleaning: helps to train and build a good oral hygiene habit for your little ones.

Soft silicone: Food grade silicone material, providing your little one with a comfortable brushing experience.

Dust cup cover: Protects the toothbrush against dust and can be used as a rinsing cup.

High temperature resistance: It is able to withstand high temperature and can be sterilised with UV, steam or boiling water sterilisation. 

Silicone tongue brush: Recommended age: 0-6 months

Silicone toothbrush: Recommended age: 6-24 months.