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Pigeon Training Toothbrush - Lesson 1

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For babies from 6-8 months or 0-4 milk teeth Co-developed with a leading Paediatric Dentist, Pigeon’s Lesson 1 Baby Training Toothbrush is your baby’s perfect introduction to toothbrushing and good oral care habits. The soft elastomer head gently cleans your baby’s delicate teeth and massages their gums, while the tongue cleaner removes dirt and food particles. For best results, brush twice daily. Precaution: The shield prevents the toothbrush from becoming a choking hazard. Before every use, affix the shield onto the toothbrush completely until it clicks. Care: After every use, rinse the toothbrush well under running water and dry off. Toothbrush may be sterilised by either boiling, steam sterilisation or sterilising tablets. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight