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Rotary Spongy/Bristles Bottle & Nipple/Straw Brush

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  • No scratch mark - Soft material, extra gentle
  • Rotary handle for easy cleaning
  • Designed to clean standard or wide neck bottle and vary sized cups

The Rotary™ Spongy/Bristles Bottle & Nipple Brush is an all time classic 2 in 1 brush with great amount of usefulness. Soft spongy/bristles sweeps up residue effortlessly and gently without scratching the inner bottle and nipple. It come with a BONUS nipple brush which perfectly clean for your teats day and night. The looped handle at both the back of the brush allows easy hanging on for drying before storage. With the easy grip rotary handle on the bottle brush, you can rotate the brush 360 degree or sweep it up and down in the milk bottle for easier cleaning.