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Ride-On Push Car - Ground Breaker

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Your little one will love zipping around in this ride-on car. It ensures that your kid has an enjoyable time with its "bibi" sound. Your kid can sit on it and take it ahead by pushing its legs. The handle is provided so that you can push the car around and give your kid a good ride. Easy to play with, your child can ride it inside the house or in the playground too. This ride-on car has been constructed of high quality plastic that ensures durability. 

  • A stroller, walking car, and a riding car.
  • It has a removable stroller handle and footrest.
  • Enabilng the babies to control in an easier way so as to protect the babies while ensuring the construction of coordionation, balancing and grasping of sports skill.
  • The torsional design increases the flexibility of the grounding driving, while enhancing the fitness of the leg muscles and enabling the babies to move in a better manner.
  • It is suitable for kids up to 20kgs