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Piyo Piyo Ice & Heat Bag

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Special waterproof material, feel comfortable. Unique flap sewn adhesion technology that can make dressing bag reused several times after alternating hot and cold, remain flexible is not broken, home care, a qood helper care.


    • Cold compress - Pour a little cold water before use, then add ice cubes, wrap the bag after determining the cover tightened before use
    • Hot compress - 70 following the injection of hot water deposited bag, up to 3/4 of the amount of water (not boiling water deposited directly into the bag, to avoid burns)
Size: 15cm x 15cm

Capacity: 600ml

Materials: •Cap: P.P. •Bag: T.P.U./fabric Cold/Heat resistance: •P.P.: -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 248°F) •T.P.U.: -10°C ~ 70°C