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Paint Pops - 6-col Mega Splat Paint KIt

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NO MESS- The Mega Dome allows for the BIGGEST paint splats with no mess at all

UNIQUE PLAY!- Splat 2 colors at once with the double pop splat tool to create fun art and roll with a roller tool for cool effects

EASY STORAGE- Paint pop balls can be stored if not used in resealable containers (included in set).

MEGA SPLAT PAINT KIT- Includes 1 splat dome with star and line caps, 1 double pop splat tool, 1 Mini paint roller tool, 30ct Paint Pops including 5 Blue, 5 Green, 5 Yellow, 5 Orange, 5 Red and 5 Pink (net content X ml / fl.oz), 6 replacement lids, 3m craft rope,10 clothespins & 10 art sheets.


– Mega Dome tool with 2 different attachments
– Double Pop Splat tool, splat 2 colors at a time
– Mini Paint Roller tool
– 30ct Paint Pops in 6 core colors
– Craft rope, clothespins & printed art sheets