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National Geographic Aurora Light Projector

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The National Geographic Aurora Light Projector brings the astounding Northern Lights to your bedroom!

This Kit Includes:

1 Aurora Projector

1 Remote Control

1 AUX Cord 1 USB Cord

1 Learning Guide with Instructions

There are many ways to enjoy the Aurora Projector, and one of the best is as a light projector night light in your child's bedroom! There are six color combinations to choose from, using combinations of red, blue, and green in soothing patterns that ebb and flow across the walls and ceiling. The relaxing light display promotes restfulness and peace and is wonderful for boys and girls!

You can let the lights sweep you off to dreamland alone, or you can play one of the five built-in nature sounds to create a truly soothing scene. Sounds include forest at night, bubbling brook, gentle rain, light wind over the tundra, and ocean waves. Adjustable volume gives you even more control, and makes the Aurora Projector a fantastic white noise machine replacement.

All functions can be controlled via remote control, meaning you or your child doesn't have to get out of bed to select the perfect light and sound combination. The included AUX cord makes it possible to connect your own audio device as well, so you can listen to any song or sound you like!

This is a great gift for your daughter or son's special day, but it's also great for adults too!

This light projector will be right at home in a college dorm room, as part of a romantic evening at home, or as a dramatic addition to your next dinner party!

Suitable for age 8+