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Lucky Baby Discovery Pals™ Jiggly™ Rattle Twist

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Vibrant colour with textures

Inspire / fascination develop

Perfect for little hand to grip

Sound element - Sensitivity


Enhance baby's motor skill 
Baby’s sense of sight and touch are stimulated when they play with the rattle toy. Bright colours and distinct shape attracts baby’s eyes and they eventually stimulate the brain to remember this colour when they see it the next time and again. Sense of touch is also stimulated when baby touches it with his/her mouth and skin. He/She can slowly differentiate different textures and material over time.

Enhance baby's senses stimulation 
With each contact with the rattle toy, baby moves his/her body forward to reach out to get it. He/She use his/her hands to pick up & hold the toy tightly. Every contact with the rattle toy works the motor skills of the baby, which involves almost all parts of the body.

          *Complies with EUROPEAN STANDARD EN71*