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Lollababy SwirlPro™ Portable Warmer

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Lollababy SwirlPro™ Portable Bottle Warmer – the game-changer for busy parents on the go!

Our bottle warmer is designed to quickly warm up liquids, ensuring that your little one has perfectly warmed milk anytime and anywhere.

Introducing the world’s first bottle warmer with a swirling function – SwirlPro™ Portable Bottle Warmer!

For breastfeeding mummies, did you know that fat emulsions in breastmilk will separate into layers after being chilled? With its unique swirling mechanism, the SwirlPro™ can help to mix the fat emulsions in chilled breastmilk evenly while warming.

Compatible with all bottle brands
Adaptors available
Quick & Even Heating
3 minutes or less*: Swirling mechanism helps to evenly warm the liquid (for breastmilk, it helps to evenly mix the fat emulsions that have separated into layers after being chilled)
Multiple Temperature Settings
37°C, 40°C, 45°C, 50°C
Heat Retention
Up to 12 hours; liquid stays at chosen temperature until SwirlPro™ warmer is removed
Water-resistant charging port
*warms liquid at room temperature to 37°C

  • 1 SwirlPro™ Portable Bottle Warmer Unit
  • 1 Dust Cover
  • 1 Type-C to Type-C Cable
  • 2 Bottle Warmer Sealing Rings
  • 1 Travel Pouch