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LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

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• Ages 2-5 yrs.

• What's the scoop? - Use the magic ice cream scooper to scoop and serve ice cream. The scooper will recognize the colors and flavors.

• - Role-play fun Pretend to run your own ice cream cart. Push the cart and look for new customers.

• Order up! - Follow the order card instructions to build treats for six animal customers ranging from easy to hard challenges.

• - What's your favorite flavor? - Includes four ice cream flavors (yellow vanilla, brown chocolate, pink strawberry and green mint), three toppings (orange sprinkles, red cherry sauce, white whipped cream) and three syrup flavors (blue blueberry, golden caramel and purple grape).

• More ways to play and learn - Six activity cards offer six different activities for more fun learning challenges.

• Your total comes to… - Ring up orders using the cash register.

• - Sweet counting - Press the pump to add pretend syrup and count along.

• Teaches Skills: Colours, Matching, Memory, Number Sequences