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LeapFrog Coffee Maker (Blue)

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• Ages 2-7 yrs.

• Role-play fun - Pretend to be a barista at your very own café.

• Look and listen - The coffee machine lights up and plays cool sound effects, music and fun phrases.

• Numbers and sizes - The coffee maker recognizes and announces drinks, sizes, and the temperature from 1 to 5.

• Take shape - Learn shapes while serving up tasty-looking pastries shaped like a triangle, circle and heart.

• Order up! - Fill customer orders for drinks and pastries and get feedback.

• Fill 'er up! - Cups "magically" fill when you place them under the drink dispenser and press the big red button.

• Interactive buttons - 10 interactive buttons and one interactive temperature dial will keep kids laughing and happily busy.

• A well stocked café - Set includes two coffee cups, three pastries, three plates, a milk pitcher, sugar bowl and spoon.

• Teaches Skills: Colors, Counting, Shapes, Social Skills