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Laser X Ultra Micro Double B2 Blasters

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Laser X Ultra is the latest generation of Laser X - the #1 Home Laser Tag Game on the planet! It's like having a laser tag arena in your own backyard! With the Laser X Ultra Micro B2b Blasters, you can blast opponents up to 200 feet away - inside or out, in darkness or bright sunlight. Select from more than 10 different team-color combinations or in Ultra Mode, cycle through them all! Laser X Ultra Micro B2b Blasters have built-in receivers with indicators that let you know who blasted you! Blaster beams go through windows and can be bounced off walls and mirrors to hit opponents. Every series of Laser X gear works together. Games can include unlimited players. Ages 6+. Requires 6 "AAA" batteries (not included).

  • Set equips 2 players with Laser X Micro B2b Blasters
  • Blast opponents up to 200 feet away
  • Blaster to Blaster Play
  • Built-in hit indicator registers hits and lets you know who blasted you
  • Play as teams or individuals
  • Choose from 10 different team color combinations
  • Sounds and lighting effects keep track of your shots and hits
  • Works inside or out / day or night
  • All Laser X gear works together
  • Requires 6 "AAA" (1.5V) batteries (not included)
  • Does NOT use a real laser
  • Infrared beam is not visible
  • Ages 6+