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Laser X Ultra Double B2 Blasters

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  • All LaserX works together, Equips 2 players blaster to blaster. The #1 home Laser tag system on the planet!.
  • Choose from over 20 team color combinations with 300‘ range..
  • Ultra mode lets you cycle through all of the colors..
  • Ultra receivers let you see who tagged you , Unlimited players..
  • Play in the day, Play at night, Play inside, Play outside. Quick slide reload..

    The Laser X Ultra Double B2 Blasters are the ultimate in laser
    tag fun for all ages! These blasters are designed to be compact
    and easy to handle, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor
    play. With a range of up to 300', you can take on your opponents
    from a safe distance and still come out on top. Get ready for
    hours of intense, heart-pumping laser tag fun with this Laser X