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Lamborghini Swing Car For Kids

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Max load: 50kgs

  • Glow & Go Seater: This 1-seater car promises a smooth journey with the added dazzle of headlights and the fun beep of a horn. Ergonomically crafted with adjustable footrests, its lightweight yet durable steel frame makes it the go-to for toddlers.
  • Ready to Grow: Perfectly built for little ones aged 2 and up, it supports a weight limit of up to 50kgs, ensuring they can enjoy the ride for years to come.
  • Twinkle Tires: Let them roll in style with PU flashing tires and a TPE tire that lights up with every twist and turn, adding safety and fun to each ride.
  • Hidden Treasures Nook: The under-seat compartment is their little secret stash for snacks and toys, keeping their adventures organized.
  • Melody Magic: With a press, the music control unleashes delightful tunes and sound effects, adding that special sprinkle of fun to their cruises.

This amazing Lamborghini Swing Car for Kids is the perfect ride for your little one! It's perfect for kids aged 2 and up and offers a comfortable 1-seater design. It comes with PU Flashing Tires and TPE Tire that make it look like the real deal. Plus, the car offers plenty of storage under the seat to keep all of their belongings safe and secure. And to top it all off, it has music that will keep them entertained while they drive! Get ready for hours of fun with this amazing swing car!