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Kinetic Sand - Mummy Tomb

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Kinetic Sand, Mummy Tomb (Style May Vary), 6oz Natural Brown Play Sand, Surprise Goodie Bags Small Gifts

Includes: 6oz of Kinetic Sand, 1 Mummy Container, 1 Tool, 1 Treasure Artifact, 2 Gems, 1 Crowbar

ONE AND ONLY KINETIC SAND: Comes with 6oz of Natural Brown Kinetic Sand – the original, squeezable play sand kids love! Fluff the sand, feel it flows through fingers like slow-moving liquid!

COLLECT THEM ALL: There’s 3 different mummy tombs to collect and build, and a rare gold coin to find! Which mummy will you get?

DIG AND DISCOVER: Use the set’s pickaxe and shovel to open your mystery crate and dig through the Kinetic Sand to uncover clues and treasure! Then assemble for the mummy reveal!

LOADS OF SENSORY FUN: Kinetic Sand for kids is perfect for creative and sensory skills, allowing kids to create anything they can imagine over and over again! The perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up.

NON-TOXIC AND SAFE: Kinetic Sand is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for sand art and kids craft! It’s made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free.

Product Dimensions: 6.6cm(W) x 7.24cm(D) x 10.92cm(H) x 0.17kg approx

Suitable for ages: 3+ years.