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Kanopee Universal Twin Stroller Rain Cover

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“Whether you’re a mom on the go or you like to go for long walks with your stroller, a stroller rain cover is essential to prevent your little one from getting wet should it rain. The Kanopee Universal Stroller Rain Cover is also a great way to keep your baby away from germs and dust, keeping bugs away and limiting pollen exposure if it is the blooming season if you are strolling in the park.”

  • FRONT OPENING: Front window with U-shaped zipper opening design is convenient for babies to get in and out.

  • SIDE OPENING: Side zipper opening design is convenient for back seat babies to get in and out.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from safe, lightweight material which offer consistent waterproof, windproof, and dust-proof coverage. Easy wipe and clean.

  • VENTILATION & TRANSPARENT: Netting with air holes on both sides to make sure your baby is getting the proper air flow needed. The see-through cover provides optimum visibility for you and your baby

  • Size approx.: L(50) x W(95) xH(70cm)

It is a handy stroller accessory that helps protect your little one from weather elements through the year! This shield keeps your child sheltered from rain, wind and also mosquitoes or other flying insects. Designed for your convenience, this weather shield is super easy to clean and slips on easily on to most standard strollers. Featuring ventilation holes for good air circulation, this weather shield is also made of strong and durable material with velcro to hold it in place!