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Groomy™ Suction Bowl with Heat Sensitive Spoon

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  • Ideal size - Encourage self feeding
  • Wide suction base - Non slip
    • Adaptable for multiple surface
  • Heat sensitive change colour spoon - when food is hot
  • Ideal on the go lid convenience for hygiene

There’s nothing worse for a hungry baby than a bowl that goes shooting off into space! That's where this suction bowl comes to the rescue, they've got an easy-grip design which is perfect for their diddy hands to hold and grab on the go. So they end up eating more and wearing less of their meal! Just plonk it firmly on their highchair tray or table, press down and run your fingers around the edges of the bowl and it'll stay put until you say it's time for lift off. Here's to turning messy mealtimes into out of this world fun eating times. Make a little bit of room in your cupboards for these super suction bowls with their tight lids. The unique heat sensitive spoon adjusts hue when your food is too hot for your child. No more guessing or worries, it makes mealtime safe and easy. It is ergonomically designed to make it easy for your child to take food off the spoon. Long, strong and durable handles allow parent to comfortably feed their child. Ideal for both travel and home usage.