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Esi Shower - A Revolutionary Shower Assistant

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  • The height is adjustable in 6 stages, from 37-52cm, measuring from the baby's armpit to the feet.
  • Recommended Age: 6-24 Months 
  • Baby standing support for safe and comfort shower
  • Easy shower is designed with the motive of mimicking mother's arms hugging the baby during shower.
  • It is a shower assistant that helps mother give a quick and safe shower.
  • It is designed to serve multiple purposes, functioning as a baby bidet, shower and bath handle providing utmost versatility and convenience.
  • It is a must have parenting item that protect mummies wrists!
  • It allows you to clean your child's repeated bowel movement quickly and easily, also allowing quick and easy diaper changes or clothes clothing while they are standing.
  • Anti bacterial coating - Non toxic material
  • Water retention prevention
  • Drainage design
  • Wide and thick pillar - It is design to withstand the weight of a child, it secured even if the child hangs on it.
  • Weight distribution platform - The square platform and 3 sided arch support design effectively distribute the center of gravity to multiple points, ensuring safe and stable weight support.
  • Semi automatic handle - Patented design for convenient and safe removal of the child while using the product.
  • Non-slip pad - Strategically applied to the bottom of the square platform at the weight-bearing area, ensuring strong and safe support, even on slippery bathroom floors.
  • Anti pinch design
  • Shower head holder - You can hang the shower head on the holder located at the back of the pillar for easy and convenient washing.
  • FREE from Staphylococcus
  • FREE from Escherichia Coli
  • FREE from Pneumococci
  • Safety Standard
  • Product weight: 2.2kgs
  • Product size: 465 x 420mm x (370-520mm)

Due to the nature of the antibacterial coating on the handle, you may notice the occasional appearance of black spots. Please be aware that this is not a valid reason for exchange/refund. as it is a normal characteristics of the product.