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Discovery Mindblown 239pc Electricity Construction Set

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  • DISCOVER ELECTRICITY: Use the 7 different electronic experiments to understand circuitry. These kits are designed to educate about electricity in a fun and practical way.
  • 239 PIECES FOR TOTAL CUSTOMISATION: 17 robot blueprints are included, but children are free to create their own original robots from their imaginations! Use the instructions to master robot-building, then encourage them to make their own from scratch to test the limits of their creativity
  • EDUCATIONAL AND ENGAGING STEM TOY: Enrich your child’s mind with the interactive challenges of building their own robots! The detailed instructions and variety of building part types will engage children and teach them STEAM logic as they put together complex puzzles and work to solve problems with a blend of critical thinking and creativity.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR DEVELOPING MINDS: Boys and girls ages 8 and up will love engaging their minds and building a robot from scratch. The blueprints and pieces are easy to use and will build confidence in future STEM endeavours.
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above.