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Deluxe Projection Musical Mobile

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"Providing gentle rotating entertainment and soothing music during bedtime"

  • 360 degree - Encourages visual and audio Stimulation
  • Hanging toys
  • Sturdy clamp attaches easily and Securely to crib rail
  • Add more Fun and Colour to your child's bed time
  • Projection to the ceiling
  • 2 level volume
  • Silent rotation
  • Vary mode of sound effect to soothe babies

A nursery just isn't complete without a baby mobile hanging overhead the baby crib. The sweet songs and visual stimulation serve as a soothing activity for baby, aiding in growth and development. Hang one above baby's crib to provide visual and audio stimulation. No matter what your baby likes, a mobile will surely prompt a smile. Baby's visual attention is expanded since the hanging objects move slower and is easier to follow.