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Cra-Z-Art – Create & Crack Fun Foods

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Cra-Z- Crackle Clay™ Fun Foods Popping Clay Kit is a new and super exciting sensory activity for kids.

Make It, Glaze It, Crack It!

Design and make DIY clay crunching creations, so amazingly satisfying! So easy!

Make any Fun Foods you like such as super sweets, fun fruits, candy treats, shakes, hotdogs, burgers, tacos, popcorn, pizza, fries, the ideas are endless!

Amazing Crackle Glaze dries quickly, drying to an eggshell-like finish, keeping soft compound squishy under glaze. When dry, Pop & Crack your own super sensory mini pop it for super satisfying sound & touch ASMR.

Featuring Cra-Z-Art’s own Modelite™ super soft modeling compound, special fast-drying cracking glaze, clay molds and sculpting tools you’ll be able to create “crunch-crazy” fun foods.

“Crack” into the hottest, most satisfying trend exploding on every social media platform — Crackle Clay!

The newest viral sensation is an awesome combination of sound – “crunching and cracking” together with the super cool tactile feel of “squishing and kneading” all in one fun creation!

Cra-Z-Crackle Fun Foods Popping Clay is so fun and creative, it is great for ages 6 and up.