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Clementoni Mech Lab - Floating Dragon

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  • A chained dragon who wants to spread its wings and fly away and an optical illusion waiting to be constructed.
  • The effect of tension will cause the dragon to look as if it is floating in air. An amazing game experience for children to enjoy as they build and invent possible solutions and play scenarios.
  • By putting together the various parts, children can check what scenarios can be made with their constructions, breathing life into their ideas and shaping concepts with their own hands.
  • A fantastic world and children’s beloved dragon have been created in a model game to be built while discovering a new principle of construction that is all over the web: tensegrity.
  • By following the game instructions and the manual (on the App too), children will experience and understand that each optical effect conceals a scientific principle to be grasped and explored.
  • When children attach the chains that hold the dragon in place, they will see the action of tension and how it creates structural integrity, making it seem that the dragon is hanging in mid-air.
  • The principle of tensegrity is a fundamental part of constructing the model and kids are spurred to develop concepts and verify ideas in order to achieve jaw-dropping results.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above.