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Bean Spout Husk Soothing Pillow

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  • Size: 34 x 14cm (100% Cotton)

  • Granny Century Solution - Modern Technology Invention

  • Soothing The Little One: Wrap lightly around the chest/tummy area where the weight of the bean sprout husk should rest at both sides. Soothe babies against noise/movement that startle them - Better sleep through out day and night.

  • A Great Keepsake: A great keepsake for the your child or what we called “Soothing Pillow” or “Scented Pillow”.

  • Mimics Touch: Advise mommies to sleep with the pillow for at least a week to scent the pillow so that the baby will recognise the mommy’s scent.


  • Complies with safety standard

Introducing an old time solution our grandmothers or even our great grandmothers used to comfort crying babies, our Beansprout Husk Pillow has evolved from a family run handmade production to "Modern technology" - Mechanical production that produce and ensure the highest quality of the products. Newborn are easily startled by sudden movements and noises caused by the surroundings. Placing a Beansprout Husk Pillow on their chests helps to give them a sense of security. Our Beansprout Husk Pillows are made with soft, breathable, 100% cotton material - Gentle on baby’s delicate skin. They are filled with natural bean sprout husks that go through a stringent 5-step sanitisation process. We strongly believe that infants should not be exposed to potentially harmful toxins that exist in micro beads or latex foam that may contain phthalates linked to health problems. Our Beansprout Husk Pillow is safety certified, giving greater assurance to parents; this means that our product is not only hygienic and flame retardant, but durable against curious baby’s prodding fingers.