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Ball Pool Mat

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Product features:

1)High density of eco-friendly best quality PE (Polyethylene) Cushion - FunnyLon uses the highest quality and environmentally friendly PE materials to make game mats, PE materials are generally used in the manufacture of mineral water bottles, absolutely safe.
2) Certified by SGS and a number of Korea institutions - Play pads have been verified by SGS to be non-toxic and free of any harmful substances, including arsenic, vanadium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, palladium and selenium. 100% safe for infants.
3) Excellent padding cushion effect, safe and comfortable - The play pad providing a good cushion for the baby, as well as upholstery support protection for fun in a comfortable and safe place.
4)Other features - easy to clean, as long as needed to wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
5) Multi Functional - Its can be used as Diaper changing mat , Baby crawling mat, Toddler game mat and Ball Pool Mat
6)Folding game pads - Can be transformed to Sofa ,Tunnel, Windowsill anti-collision mat,etc

Product size for Tropical Prime:
200 X 190 X 4.2T 50cm Wall

Material: 8 Layers of high density PE (Polyethylene) foam (inner layer) / PU (Polyurethane) (outer layer).

Product size for Cream Gray (cm) :
140 x 260 x 4.2T (Ball Pool) 30cm Wall
200 X 200 (Lay Flat)