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Baby Silicone Feeder

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YOUR BABY’S SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY - Made from the highest food grade silicone which is BPA Free, Lead Free, Petroleum Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free. You can easily introduce new foods to your baby without the risk of choking.

GOOD FOR STARTING SOLIDS - This is a delicious pacifier fruit feeder. This baby food feeder pacifier can train your little one to eat by themselves.

PAIN & GUM SORENESS RELIEF - The silicone teether feeder with uniquely designed with a textured silicone nipple can also help soothe teething pain and provide extra stimulation to a baby's gums when teething.

THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BABY - Each set comes with 3 different sized silicone nipples uniquely designed for (S) 0 - 6 months, (M) 6 - 9 months and more than (L) 9 months of age. Each silicone nipple is designed to fit the right amount of food that are safe for your baby. This also allows you to conveniently open the silicone pouches and insert more food as your baby grows.