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Australian Geographic Mind Boggling Science

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This kit explores the Magical Mysteries of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in a BLAZE OF COLOUR, ACTION AND FUN! Make Bouncing Crystals that morph into a Rainbow.

Test Tubes Gush colour and Rainbows swirl at your command. Amaze friends with Green Goop-Rock tricks. It is a Liquid and a Solid – but YOU decide when.

Make Animations that Boggle the Eyes and Mind. Create Chemical Lava Lamps, Mini Volcanoes and Secret Writing.

Learn about Vision and Light, pH, Diffusion, Acids and Bases and much, much more…

Suitable for ages 8 and above.


Sodium bicarbonate
Citric acid
Sodium polyacrylate crystals
Indicator bottle + red cabbage powder
Cotton buds
Red colouring
Blue colouring
Yellow colouring
Small scoop and spoon
Big and small beakers
Split dish
Pipette and stirring stick
Three test tubes and holder
Instruction booklet
Safety leaflet