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LeapFrog Phonics Fun Animal Bus

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  • Ages 1-3 yrs.

  • Scout is at the wheel - Learn about letters, letter sounds and animals with Scout and a bus filled with his animal friends.

  • Four modes of phonics fun - Four modes include letters, animals, a game and music.

  • 26 letters in the alphabet- Press a letter button to hear its name and sound.

  • All about animals - Press the letters to hear an animal that begins with that letter, its letter sound and the sound the animal makes.

  • Game time - Use the letters to guess who wants to get off the bus.

  • Bus tunes - In music mode, listen and play with an interactive song. • Fine motor skills - Turn the ignition knob and press the horn button to hear fun sound effects.

  • Push and play! - Push the bus to play a second interactive song.

  • Teaches Skills: Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, The Alphabet, Animals, Music & Rhythm, Word Sounds & Rhyme, Opposites