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3 In 1 Galaxy Musical Mobile W/Remote Control

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  • Transform your baby's nursery into a haven of serenity with our innovative crib mobile. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, our mobile features a gentle dream projection to soothe your little one's emotions. Multiple sound effects accompany the mesmerizing light show, promoting relaxation and aiding in peaceful sleep. Crafted with safe, BPA-free materials, the detachable toys encourage independent play, fostering curiosity and exploration. Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace the tranquility of bedtime with our baby crib mobile.
  • Rotating Musical Mobile for Crib: Immerse your baby in wonder with our 360° rotating crib hanging toys, harmonious melodies, and calming sounds. Engage and delight your little one's senses, creating a captivating visual and auditory experience that aids in soothing and lulling them to sleep. Our crib mobile is the ideal blend of entertainment and tranquility. 
  • Convenient Remote Control & Timer: Effortlessly control your baby's soothing experience with our remote-operated nursery mobile. Enjoy the convenience of setting a timer for 10, 15, or 20 minutes to suit your baby's sleep routine, ensuring a seamless and relaxing bedtime ritual. This musical crib mobile is designed for parental ease and baby comfort. 
  • Adjustable Hanging Heights: Personalise the baby crib mobile to your baby's preferences with our adjustable heights design. Easily customize the height of the hanging toys, creating an interactive and stimulating environment tailored to your baby's evolving needs and developmental stages. Our crib mobile offers a personalized touch for your baby's enjoyment. 
  • Enchanting Moon and Star Projection: Transform your nursery into a celestial wonderland! When the lights go out, our crib mobile projects a mesmerizing light show of the moon and stars onto the ceiling, creating a magical and soothing atmosphere to help your baby drift off into dreamland. The celestial projection adds enchantment to your baby's sleep space. 
  • Baby-Friendly and Safe Design: Prioritize your baby's safety and exploration with our baby-friendly design. The hanging toys are easily removable for free exploration, encouraging your little one's curiosity. Crafted from BPA-free materials, our crib mobile ensures a safe and healthy environment for your precious baby. Perfect baby toys 3-6-9 months
  • Effortless Installation : Say goodbye to installation headaches. Our crib mobile features an adjustable base that fits most baby cribs.
  • Nighttime Serenity: Soothing Illumination - Our crib mobile's night light feature provides a soft glow for peaceful sleep, offering reassurance during late-night checks.
  • Perfect gift for babies.