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3 In 1 Balance Bike Ride On

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  • Suitable up to 25kgs
  • Mode 1: Scooter (70 x 30 x 76cm)
  • Mode 2: Bicycle (70 x 56 x 30cm)
  • Mode 3: Balance Bike (70 x 56 x 30cm)
  • With its adjustable handlebar height, removable pedals, and expandable rear wheels, this versatile scooter is easily transformable offering quick transition between its 3 modes.
  • This multipurpose scooter easily adjusts to work as a tricycle with its rear wheels extending outwards to provide reliable stability and safety for young riders.
  • Easy mode changing - Ideal to bring along & tuck in your car (4kgs)
  • Balance bikes are simple and intuitive, welcoming much younger riders and handling uneven terrain much more easily than bicycles with training wheels. Kids using them build the right skills to graduate to real bikes faster.
  • Aside from the obvious benefit of easier movement, scooting helps kids build balance and coordination, motor skills, and decision making. It helps keep the outdoors fun and makes it easier to meet and make new friends.
  • Attach the pedals to transform the balance trike into a full tricycle, allowing your child to move around the neighborhood with greater comfort and speed while learning the art of steering and stopping.
  • Complies with European Safety Standard