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2 Stage Silicone Spoons With Box

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Create a fun meal time experience with your little one with our dual hardness 2 pc spoon set. This pair of silicone spoon set comes with different silica gel softness (30 degree and 70 degree silica gel softness) for different stages of your little one's weaning journey! The 30 degree newborn spoon is highly recommended for babies who were just introduced to Baby Led Weaning. 

It is made of soft silicone that is similar to the texture of tethers and pacifiers and protects the baby's sprouting teeth and gums when coming in contact with the spoon to prevent any injuries. The 70 degree food spoon is suitable for scooping solids such as baby porridge and purees. While its material is slightly harder, it does not harm or injure the baby's gums and can scoop solids or foods of different textures better. This dual hardness spoon set promotes self feeding and improves on their motor skill.