LeapFrog Level Up & Learn Controller

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  • Ages 6-36 months

  • Explore animal buttons - Six animal buttons teach animal facts, the ABC song, counting, rhyming words, Spanish words and more.

  • Move the joystick - Choose an animal and hear their names and animal sounds by moving the joystick up, down, right and left.

  • Find the peek-a-boo tiger - Pressing the red shoulder button makes Tiger pop out. Surprise! Hear fun sound effects and phrases, learn about opposites and play bonus games.

  • Hear gaming sound effects - Pressing the Cat button triggers the controller to play the sounds of a real handheld videogame to spur children's imagination.

  • Explore Spanish words - Switch to bilingual mode to hear animal names in Spanish and help build early bilingual skills.

  • Teaches Skills: Animals, Colors, Counting, Opposites, Shapes, Songs, Spanish, Word Sounds & Rhyme