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Turner The Sea Turtle - Bath Organiser

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 Are bath toys over crowding your bath tub? With our bathtub toy organizer you can keep your tub clean and organized with one easy scoop. Our removable bath tub toy holders make it quick and convenient for moms to keep the kids bathroom organized. The extra large mouth on our bath tub toy organizer makes grabbing multiple toys quick and easy!

With our bath tub toy holder, all you have to do is remove it from the main, and scoop up those toys. It's so easy, even the kids can use it! Kids will love using our bath toy scoop to help clean up their toys! Our bath toy basket holds several small bath toys, so there's no need to limit the toys your child can use!

Complete with a large handle and built-in drain holes, our bath organizer can be used for washing your child's hair or to quickly scoop up all the floating toys. The holes in our bathtub toy holder allow the water to drain out to reduce mold and mildew, making it the perfect multi-use bathtub caddy.

Our bathtub organizer is the perfect size to hold multiple small bath toys or a few large toys. It is large enough to store toys and keep your tub organized and free of toys once your child's bath time is over.

Not just the scoop, there are 4 dolphin shaped hook so that you could slot on any hanging accessories as you wish, as well as opening on both upper leg & head for better organizing for bottle like shampoo & more...