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Oaxis myFirst Fone R1 - 4G Music Smartwatch Phone With GPS & Video Call

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Introducing myFirst Fone R1, the first round shape 4G LTE Music Smartwatch Phone specially designed for Next-gen Kids. Discover the amazing all-in-one device, a combination of phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker and fitness tracker. One of the coolest on-the-move entertainment that the kids ever had.

Two-Way voice and video call

Stay connected with your kid at every moment. Both parents and kid can initiate video calls at anytime, anywhere. Using cellular networks, both the R1 and smartphone can communicate through voice or video calls just like a regular phone.


It’s the best time for all the kids to enter the 4G world. With 4G LTE, myFirst Fone R1 empowers your kids with the freedom of cellular. Experience faster and smoother performance for all of their favourite fitness, health and productivity features.

GPS tracking

GPS trackers keep kids safe when they are out of your sight. R1 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently track their kids.

500 Songs On Your Wrist

R1 comes with an MP3 player and built-in loudspeaker that provides up to 10 hours playback time which is great for music or listening to audiobooks. Feel the joy of having 500 songs on your wrist!

Perfect Match with myFirst Headphones BC Wireless

Connect myFirst Fone R1 with Headphones BC Wireless via Bluetooth. Headphones BC Wireless has touch sensors where children can play their favourite music, skip track and even mute the music through the BC Wireless.

Elevated Edge

R1 is a classic round shape smartwatch phone that comes with an elevated edge. The elevated edge screen design is to protect the watch’s screen on simple impact. Let’s not ruin your child’s happiness with a screen crack issue.

Class Mode

With flexible customization on class mode, R1 can be silenced at a specified day or time to minimize distractions. All calls and message alerts will be silent upon activation and only SOS function can be used. A great feature to let kids stay focused on their school work or study.

Removal Detect

An alarm and notification will be sent to parents when the smartwatch is taken out from kid’s wrist. With this features, parents can rest assured that the kid is well protected.

iOS and Android Compatible

myFirst Fone mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. With myFirstFone app, parents are able to remotely access information on kid’s myFirst Fone and allows parents to gain a full parental control.


Wrist diameter: 125mm - 177mm
Material: Plastic, Silicon
Net weight: 51.3g, 1.8 oz
Display: 1.3" IPS 240*240
Standby Time: 3-4 days
Touch screen: OGS Full touch capability
System: Android 4.4
Memory: 256MB Storage + 512MB RAM
Water resistance: IPX7
Location positioning: GPS, LBS, WiFi, GLONASS
Network Band: 4G (1/3/7/8/20), 3G (2100/900), 2G (1800/900)

What's in the box

  1. myFirstFone R1

  2. USB Cable Charging

  3. User Manual