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YOOKIDOO Anti-Mosquito Bracelet

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Suitable Age: 3-6 Years Old, 6-10 Years Old, 10-14 Years Old, Over 14 Years Old


HANDS-ON INNOVATIVE BRACELETS : Get this value pack of high quality mosquito repellent bracelets and keep everything safe from those stingy blood-sucking bites. Potok premium mosquito bracelets are designed to provide protection from mosquitoes for up to 300 hours, giving you more value for money.
MAKE YOUR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SPACES MORE HABITABLE : You no longer have to worry about pesky mosquito bites while going about your business. These are ideal for travelling, gardening, BBQ, hiking, fishing, and many other outdoor activities with the Potok citronella bracelets that are waterproof, elegant, and perfect for all-weather use.
DEET FREE & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Mosquito Guard Kids Spiral Repellent bands are completely DEET FREE. Our Kids Spiral repellent bands are made with natural plant based essential oils: Citronella, Lemongrass and Geraniol.
STYLISH & COMFORTABLE BUG REPELLENT BRACELETS : Potok natural mosquito repellent bracelets are adjustable and can be used by both kids and adults. One size fits All. These feel and smell great, and are non-toxic for use by babies, pregnant women, and everyone else.
SUPERIOR QUALITY : High quality mosquito repellent bracelets that are created from all-natural ingredients.