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Pre-packed Red Dates Tea 10's

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Pre-packed Red Dates Tea 坐月红枣茶

Traditionally, it is always recommended that Mummies consume red dates tea during their confinement. This is to avoid excessive water retention or getting "cold" during the period. Red Dates, well-known KING OF NUTS, are rich in Iron and Vitamin C. Every pack consists Red Dates, Black Dates, Dang Shen, etc

Packing size: 10 packets/ per pack
Select x 3 for 1 month supply

Dosage:1 packets per day

对于坐月妇女,在坐月期间,最佳选择是饮用红枣茶,避免使产后妇女引起水肿或风寒。每包备有红枣,黑枣, 党参,等等

包装:每份 10 包

服用量:每日1包, 当茶水饮用