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Piyo Piyo Silicone Pacifier Clip

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 Patent 360 degrees luminous button, not easy to winding problems; use smooth, close.

Pacifier chain at both ends with luminous function (360 degrees luminous button, egg-type luminous beads), absorb the natural light source, the dark will be short-term light, easy to find the nipple chain.

Rotating buckle with upper and lower buckle, separate use has a luminous function.

Food grade silicone material, no smell, clean and convenient, not easy to breed bacteria, mold.

Food grade silicone shape beaded, oral baby even if the bite is not easy to damage the gums.

Avoid pacifier, teeth bite ring or toys, lost or dropped.

Color donuts beaded, soft and hard moderate, to stimulate the baby's eyes, hands, mouth, sensory development, is the baby's personal fashion accessories.

Available in Green and Orange