Piyo Piyo Insect Repellent

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Mining Discovering principle driving more mosquito - use environmentally-friendly LED light source section.

According to the study, usually blood-sucking female mosquitoes mosquitoes, while male mosquitoes alone nectar, plant sap and other nutrients would be sufficient, male mosquitoes are more degraded needle mouth, unable to penetrate the skin; female mosquitoes draw the nutrients in addition, pregnancy After Shave absorb nutrients in human and animal blood in order to conceive eggs; female mosquitoes after conception because do not want to conceive, will avoid male mosquitoes. Insect repellent is the use of this principle, when issued imitate male mosquitoes flying frequency to scare female mosquitoes, in order to achieve the repellent effect.


  • Mosquito effect of up to 1-3 meters.

  • Timing setting can be divided into three stages, four hours, eight hours, 24 hours.