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Pigeon Steam & Dry Sterilizer Bundle

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Pigeon Steam & Dry Sterilizer x 1

Softouch 3 Nursing Bottle Twin Pack T-Ester 200ml x 1

Softouch 3 Nursing Bottle Twin Pack T-Ester 300ml Twin Pack x 1

Liquid Cleanser Regular 200ml x 1

Sponge Brush x 1

Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry Sterilizer is  fast and efficient! It completes a full cycle in just 15mins*. Sterilization is achieved by surrounding the bottles and accessories in hot steam which kills harmful bacteria. Uniquely designed, the air flows directly to each bottle for a drying speed of just 10mins!

-Sterilize & Dry bottles & accessories in just 15mins!

-Kills 99.9%** of harmful germs 

-Large capacity to hold up to 6 Pigeon wide-neck bottles and accessories

-3 Cycle modes available with a single button

-Content remains sterile for 24hrs.