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NUK Space Soother Size 3 (18-36M)

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Silicone material


Size 3 (18-36 months old)

The NUK Space Soother allows baby‘s gentle skin to breathe

Specially designed for baby‘s particular sensitive skin

Maximum air circulation thanks to extra-large ventilation holes

With the best orthodontic NUK Classic baglet than ever before – for baby‘s healthy overall development

Thinner and narrower teat neck – reduces the pressure on the jaws and teeth

Flatter baglet and smoother underside – for a pleasant feeling in the mouth and more room for natural sucking movements

Based on nature – the unique NUK shape is modelled on a mother‘s nipple as she breastfeeds

Robust, reusable soother box for storage, transport and hygienic treatment in the microwave

Made in Germany

Space 3 – Cat , Owl , Panda , Ice  Bear