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NUK Peppa Pig Silicone Soother (S1/S2) Pink/Yellow

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Children all over the world know and love <PEPPA PIG> Now Peppa and her brother George are featured on the NUK Trendline Soother!

Three lovely designed motifs
Anatomically-designed mouthshield with flat button to avoid pressure marks when baby is lying on its tummy or its side
and with practical ring

With the best orthodontic NUK Classic baglet than ever before for baby‘s healthy overall development:

- Thinner and narrower teat neck

reduces the pressure on the jaws and teeth

- Flatter baglet and smoother underside

for a pleasant feeling in the mouth and more room for natural sucking movements

- Based on nature

the unique NUK shape is modelled on a mother‘s nipple as she breastfeeds

Eye-catching, space-saving shelf-ready pack

for flexible placement on hook or in the shelf

Robust, reusable pacifier box for storage and transport and hygienic treatment in the microwave