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NUK Nature Sense 240ml Glass bottle 0-6mths M (6 holes)

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  • Silicone Teat

  • Size M Hole (6 holes)

  • For ages: 0 - 6 months

  • Silicone feeding teat with wide, flexible lip rest similar to mother‘s breast for as natural a feeling as possible

  • Innovative Anti-Colic Vent makes it possible to drink without a pause, as if from the breast. This helps prevent air being swallowed which can cause colic

  • Extra-soft tip of teat is particularly flexible and adapts itself to the mouth in a way similar to the nipple

  • Revolutionary drinking system - several tiny openings, like the milk ducts in a mother‘s breast, ensure a smooth and natural flow

  • Innovative protective cap makes it leakproof without need for a lid – ideal for on the go

  • Bottle made from high-quality borosilicate glass material – especially resistant and cristal-clear

  • Made in Germany