NUK Nature Sense 150ml Learner Bottle / Replacement Spout

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NUK Nature Sense 150ml Learner Bottle 

    • The NUK Nature Sense learning cup has been specially designed for the baby's transition phase from bottle to cup
    • For ages: 6 - 18 Months
    • With soft silicone teat
    • Plastic graduated cup and bottle without BPA
    • Available in Pink and Blue
NUK Nature Sense Replacement Spout 
    • 2pc/pack
    • Replacement spout for the NUK Nature Sense Learner Bottle: Soft transition from breastfeeding to independent drinking
    • Extra-soft and wide lip rest gives babies a natural drinking sensation straight after latching on
    • Innovative Anti-Colic Vent makes it possible to drink as if from the breast without a pause and helps prevent air being swallowed, which can cause colic
    • Leakproof slit ensures no splashes when out and about